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How do I get a background picture on my profile?


I got so many requests from people on my list for help on how to make a background that I decided that I would post this to help everyone out.

Ok so first you need to get to your profile page.  So make sure you are on your home page. Do that by clicking the home button. Then you need to click the orange edit link. This link is found by the words My Profile by your pic. Click edit.

Now you are on your Edit Profile page. You can see the words Basic-Personal-Education-Professional-About Me-Customize-Multimedia-Account-Affiliate—Photo. You need to click on the link Customized.

Now you are on the Customize your profile page.  You can choose one of the premade backgrounds on Xianz (Skins). Just click the little circle under the colors you like then at the bottom click "Save Changes".  Then at the top click back to profile. Right above the Photo link.  Check the background. If you like it great :D! You are done.  If you don’t like it then click on Disable Skin, right above all the premade backgrounds or choose another.


OK!!! Now on to the not so easy part. LOL down at the bottom of the page you will see the words Advanced Users- Note: THIS IS NOT A JOKE (lol) Don’t worry if you pull your hair out. This is normal.

Ok  so you need to find a Background. I do this by going to Google. I know that the size of the background has to be over 200 wide. Otherwise it will just look like a little picture.  So let’s go Google.  I went to  I typed in   backgrounds 1024x768.  Then a bunch popped up. The first place I found was  I clicked on it and found this background Metropolitan Midnight (1024x768 background).  I clicked on it and it took me to a larger view of the background.  This is the one you need. I copied the Html address for this. This is what you need. Now we have found a background.Now we go back to our profile on Xianz.  Go down to the advanced user again.  Click on the words Xianz CSS Editor. A screen will pop up. K up at the top it says background color. I leave this alone.  Background image I click this on. And then the information will pop up.  In the box for Image URL you will need to post the Html address from up above Make sure the tiling button is clicked and the Attachment is fixed.  That takes care of your background.

The next section is if you want special formatting on your page.  You can set that how ever you like

The next area is for the color of your text

The rest is for the backgrounds of certain boxes in your profile. I leave mine transparent so that my background can be seen but it works nicely any way you do it.  The rest you can play around with as you like.

Then all you do is generate your code. You do this by clicking the preview code. Than all you have to do is copy this code and paste it in the Box on the profile page for backgrounds. Then you click the little circle under the box and click Save Changes.  You will want to check it so click on the profile button once again found at the top of the page    above the Photo link.  I checked this background so I know it worksJ.  Congratulations! You are on your way to having your own personalized background. Oh! One more thing if you don’t see the background. Log off and then log back in. It does help sometimes.

Last update: March 21st, 2006 12:37

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Just an FYI. You mentioned on here as your example of typing the link to the picture directly from the website. That is a no no in the graphics and webby world. If a person is providing you graphics you need to save it to your computer and then upload it to your own online storage spot.