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How do I add music to my profile?

Ok so first you need to get to your profile page. Make sure you are on the Xianz Home. You can find this by clicking the home link at the top left. Then you need to click the orange edit link. This link is found by the words My Profile by your picture. Also you can just click the Account link located at the top right on any page at Xianz.

Now you are on your Edit Profile page. You can see the words Basic-Personal-Education-Professional-About Me-Customize-Multimedia-Account-Affiliate—Photo. You need to click on the link Multimedia. After you click this tab you will see something that looks like this:

URL to Your Media:
You can type path to your audio file that will be played on your profile. Music stored on your computer will not work!

If you already have found your music Url address all you have to do is paste that address in the box labeled-URL to Your Media: and you are all done. Just click the "Save Changes" button. Congratulations you should have music playing!

For those of you who need to start from scratch and need to find music read on....

To find music for your profile: Go to and click on the MP3/Audio link.

By the word FIND click off the checkmarks in the boxes, WindowsMedia, Real, AIFF and Other. Also click the >1 min by the word Duration. Then you are ready to do a search.

Ok lets do a small search. You can either search using the authors name or the title of the song. I am gonna do a search for Rachel Lampa.

Ok you want to click on the open in new window link under the songs. So I clicked under the first song. That link was dead. So I clicked under the second link.

It is important that you find a song that is in a Mp3 Format. The only song I found on this site was a song by Sean Trowbridge. For times sake we will just work on this song.

You can get the URL address by clicking on the link. When I click on the link My windows Media starts to play it. I can get the link for it by right clicking on the song title in the window media list. When you right click you will scroll down to the word LOCATION… the address for that song was

THAT is what you are looking for.. see, click on that link and it will automatically play it on your computer. You take that address and post the URL address in the multimedia box in your edit profile/ multimedia box.. the code should look like this and then you save it. Now remember the address you click on should play the song just by clicking on it or by pasting it in your browser and playing it there. If it plays…… it will work. Now just go to preview profile. This is above all the Edit Profile links. Right above the Photo link. Check it and hopefully you are set.

Remember that the URL (Web Address) should end with .mp3 or .wma  Some others might work but the best are .mp3 and .wma

Hopefully this helps you. God bless you on your music selection process!

Last update: March 22nd, 2006 03:52

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