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Part 1 ABC Nightline Debate- Rational Responce Squad vs Way of the Master
Featured on ABC News. Check out part 1-5

Part 1 ABC Nightline Debate- Rational Responce Squad vs Way of the Master with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

Array //
kirk  cameron  ray  comfort  abc  nightline  debate 
Added: 655 days ago by
Runtime: 410.61 | Views: 7514 | Comments: 9
     (14 ratings)
Mother's day
Great Mother's Day Video

A digital Mother's Day card. Tucker and Brad show their love for mom by taking a Mother's Day photo... This is from the comedy team baratsandbereta.com

Array //
Mother\'s  Day  comedy  barats  and  bereta 
Added: 656 days ago by
Runtime: 129.00 | Views: 3618 | Comments: 6
      (6 ratings)
Sports their role in Society
Interesting view on sports

Catholic priest reflects on the role of sports in his life and society

Array //
sports  saint  Paul  Catholic  priest  refection 
Added: 661 days ago by
Runtime: 176.00 | Views: 2252 | Comments: 0
( Not yet rated )
Saving Myself
God has given Magen a passion for both Himself and for singing that enables her to effectively share her love for Christ.

This is the video of my song Saving Myself. Let me know what you think of it. magenonline.com

Array //
Music    Entertainment   
Added: 679 days ago by
Runtime: 193.66 | Views: 6224 | Comments: 14
      (14 ratings)
God on Billboards

Putting the gospel on billboards

Array //
Added: 683 days ago by
Runtime: 110.04 | Views: 3615 | Comments: 1
      (2 ratings)
His Will
Not everyone will be in Heaven

Showing God's Word to show His Way

Array //
His  Will 
Added: 683 days ago by
Runtime: 130.01 | Views: 5151 | Comments: 4
      (5 ratings)
Before You Have Sex for the first time, a few questions.
Father Jeffrey gives insights into sex before marriage

Catholic priest shares earthy advice that his own steelworker father passed on to him. Simple questions meant to help people make serious decisions that could affect their entire lives.

Array //
advice  sex  responsibility  maturity  restraint 
Added: 684 days ago by
Runtime: 355.00 | Views: 4654 | Comments: 3
      (3 ratings)
The Tunnel
Sin looks like a blast but will not last

Where will sin take you?

Array //
teaching,  drama,  sin,  temptation 
Added: 690 days ago by
Runtime: 159.06 | Views: 5308 | Comments: 3
      (8 ratings)
1988 Captain Ken's Beef Stew Mix Commercial
What a messed commercial! haha

This commercial is so funny. Can you believe it was on TV?

Array //
beef  stew  captain  commercial 
Added: 694 days ago by
Runtime: 30.54 | Views: 3493 | Comments: 8
     (5 ratings)
Net Worth
What's your life worth?

What is it all worth?

Array //
Net  Worth 
Added: 694 days ago by
Runtime: 37.00 | Views: 3252 | Comments: 0
      (3 ratings)
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