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7:00 AM  [27 Jul 2008 | Sunday]


I wake every morning
For this do I pray
Give thine eyes direction
On my knees I will say

Guide me, teach me
Love me I pray,
To remember his words
Remember the day

He lives in my heart
Show's me the way
His goodness and mercy
I rely on today

The strength that he gives me
My wisdom and grace
Life's difficult times
With him I can face

Pray to our Lord
He will answer your prayers
Guide you and help you
Climb all of life's stairs

The humble shall hear him
In all that they do
Just ask him to be there
He will stay next to you

The meek he will guide
Teach them his ways
To walk steady and surefooted
Towards their judgment day

He is my rock, my protection
My wisdom, my grace
Some day I will be there
He will look at my face

Good people rejoice
Sing all his songs
Walk with our Lord
All the day long

I sought the Lord
He calmed many fears
Safe in his arms
He dried all my tears

The Lord is my shepherd
He will meet all my needs
Giving comfort and warmth
I follow , he leads

Pamela Haworth

Mood: None, or other

12:44 PM  [06 May 2008 | Tuesday]




There is no room to breathe
I am under water
I can’t stand to take the heat
And it’s getting hotter
Cuz all that I
Am dying to hold onto
Is slowly digging me a grave
Gotta get away

Shake it off
Whenever I’m on the edge of giving in
Shake it off
Cuz nothing can keep me down when I’m living in
Love with You
So help me God to
Shake it off
Shake it off

I am under attack
And I’ve had enough
Of all these bricks on my back
So I’m letting go of
All the weight
That I’ve been holding onto
Turn to dust disintegrate
Get away

All this baggage I’ve kept around
Make it shatter on the ground
Cuz all that matters now
Is You!

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