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7:14 AM  [18 Jan 2007 | Thursday]

Job situation

I did get rehired in May, thanks to my union.

I was hired back as a full timer.  I was only in this position for about 2 weeks, when my boss's boss demoted me back to part time because of daycare issues (I couldn't work past 6pm).  I wasn't given an option to try and find new/longer daycare.

Fast forward to this fall:  I'm working my tail off, working full time hours basically, esp through December (busy season), and now in January, I have only worked 3 days!!!  I've been with this company 5 years.

I'm looking at new job possibilities.  They just hired a part timer with less seniority into full time, after making me wait 3 months for an answer about a full time position for me, once again.


12:33 PM  [22 Mar 2006 | Wednesday]

New Direction?

Well, the meeting with my boss's boss yesterday ended with me being fired.  My union will fight for my job back, but that will take 4 - 6 weeks. 

Pray for me and my girls.  I have virtually no income currently, and the bills keep on rollin'.  I'm a single mum, so I need to find an interim job till I find out about my job status with the union.



Mood: confused

12:42 PM  [20 Mar 2006 | Monday]

Where is God leading me????

Well, what a week.

I'm on suspension from my job at UPS.  They are investigating an accident I had last Friday, and tomorrow March 21 I meet with the big boss and my union rep.  I believe they will try to fire me.  I have 5 years of part time service with this company, so I don't think they will be able to fire me.

I was dating a man, who said he was a Christian, but I don't believe was.  He stopped talking to me 2 weeks ago.  Been a tough month, this March. 

I wonder if God is leading me down a totally different path than the one I've been on.  I'm open to his leading, even though it will be hard, since I have my own ideas.

Pray that I will listen and obey.

I need to break out of old habits, and be strong in the Lord.


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