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5:48 AM  [02 Aug 2006 | Wednesday]

The joy of the Lord

A new day and a new week comes but still the Joy of the Lord is My Strength

2:21 AM  [12 Jul 2006 | Wednesday]

Italy win France

Italy win over France was a cool thing.Cool people always have the last laugh. Like Greece in Euro 2004, Italy did'nt have star players but they remain calm and cool and manage to win the game. At heart i was for France as my favourite Arsenal striker Thiery Henry was there. But Zidane ruin the whole game. He may have been foulded but its upto the referee to judge and give a judgement. He was red-carded for his head-butt  and paving the way for losing the big match. 


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12:49 PM  [07 Jul 2006 | Friday]





Dams and its Affects

Many dams have sprunged-up in the world to meet the surging power/electrical needs of hi-tech cities. In Manipur, which is a small Indian state located in the Northeastern part of the country,there is also an increasing projects undertaken for the establishment of dams during the past 2-3 decades. The benefits of constructing dams goes to the corrupt politicians and officers. However, the poor people who live on the banks of the rivers are not properly rehabilitated and when the volume of water in the river rises, its the poor inhabitants are going to be submerged. One such project which is going on in the Indian state of Manipur is the Tipaimukh Dam, which will affect hundreds of Kuki and Naga tribal Christian people who live on the banks of the barak river.

The above picture shows the Khuga Dam in Manipur, submerging the nearby tribal Christian village.

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