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June 13th, 2006 03:35

Xianz To Go Public May 25th 2006

Xianz Christian Social Networking Site To Go Public

Download this press release as an Adobe PDF document.

Xianz Christian Social Networking Site To Go Public

Franklin, TN (PRWEB) May 12, 2006 -- The exclusive niche market of Christian Social Networking is about to explode as Xianz.com, the previously membership by invitation only website, is opening its web-doors to the public. As of May 25, 2006, individuals and organizations alike will be able to use the many functional features of Xianz to effortlessly communicate with others on many levels.

Creeping up on the 10,000 member mark as an invite only website, Xianz founder Robbie Davidson is expecting tremendous growth in Xianz memberships as soon as Xianz is open to the public.

Robbie says, “Xianz is for everyone,” and he is right. Individuals easily use Xianz for entertainment and communication with one another in chat rooms, pass along messages in ‘Shout Outs,’ and communicate their interests and enjoyable multimedia via their easy to create totally customizable profile pages. Bands, well established or not, also use Xianz to promote their music, news, merchandise and concerts to fans who, in turn, promote the band to their friends, and so on. In addition, organizations and business people find it easy to network their ideas, products and services with other like minded individuals with the help of Xianz.

Robbie states, “I receive dozens of emails everyday asking how and where people can find invitations so they themselves may join Xianz. I don’t like saying ‘too bad’ to them so by opening Xianz up to the public I believe that Christians from around the globe will be able to easily use the many helpful functions that Xianz has to offer.”

At this point you may be asking, “Why then, with all these helpful tools and features, is Xianz an invitation only website?” Simply because, as Robbie affirms, “We wanted to make Xianz the best Christian Social Networking website the internet has to offer. There are a few Christian MySpace clones out there who do not offer even half of what MySpace does, we wanted to offer the usefulness of MySpace with a flood of other great useable features. We have taken a few months to deeply focus on building Xianz up, to examine what works and what doesn’t. By observing our large preliminary membership base we now know what tools people use and why they use them, we also know what people do not like to see and use and have been able to make things better for all. Xianz is now ready to launch out of its beta stage and will not only blow away the competition but it will blow away all its current and future members as well.”

Robbie does not fear that Xianz Christian nature will diminish once it is open to the public. Xianz is undeniably a Christian website, without the uncomfortable and mature natured advertisements and membership profiles. Families feel safe not only using Xianz for themselves but also allowing their impressionable children to also use the website. The Christ centered theme is well present in the many groups, communications, sponsors and fellowships flourishing on Xianz.

If you do not currently have a membership but want to be one of Xianz’s many delighted members all you can do is hope for an invitation from a current member. Without a membership others are able to visit Xianz.com and surf through its thousands of member profiles to get a brief understanding of what Xianz has to offer. But have no fear, May 25th is quickly approaching where you will be able to dive headfirst into the valuable world of social networking Xianz style.

For information: http://xianz.com

US Office:
Phone: 615-550-2305
Street Address:
Xianz Inc.
317 Main Street
Suite 205
Franklin, TN 37064

CAN Office: 780-410-0848
Street Address:
Xianz Inc.
870 Birch Ave
Sherwood Park, AB


May 14th, 2006 06:58

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