Why can't I login to my Xianz account?

There may be a couple different reasons why you are having problems logging into Xianz.

1) Password. Are you using the correct password? It happens to the very best of us, once in a while we forget our own†password. If it happens to you what you need to do is click the Forget your password?†link found on the Xianz login page. Once you click that link the system will ask you to input your email address and then will send a new temporary password to your email. You can now use that temporary password to log into your Xianz account. Once you log into your account you can now input a new password for your membership.

2) Cookies. Do you have cookies enabled on your computer's internet's browser? Some people have different security settings for their computer's internet's browser. You can set your computer to the very lowest security setting "Accept All Cookies" to the very highest setting "Never Accept Cookies." Depending on what setting you have on your computer will determine if you have the appropriate cookies for to access Xianz.

3) Account Validation. Has your Xianz account been validated? Once you sign up for a Xianz account the system will ask you to check your email. Shortly Xianz will send you a validation email requesting you to click a special validation link. Once you click that link you will be able to access your Xianz account. If you have not clicked that link your account will not be accessible until it is validated.

Last update: March 20th, 2006 10:39

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